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Delta Software Technology GmbH

Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development and maintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving. Delta Software Technology GmbH
  • Hunting the Technology Zoo

    Automated Technology Change with AMELIO Modernization Platform

    Does your application also contain technology crocofants or dinosaurs?
    So, does it contain different technologies for the same task or outdated technologies that make it difficult to maintain and further develop the application efficiently or even prevent modernization?

    Then we will show you here how we can tidy up your technology zoo with AMELIO and consolidate and exchange technologies in an automated way - parallel to ongoing operations.

    Read our article about this:

  • Season's Greetings from Delta Software Technology ...

    For the coming Holidays we wish you and your family:
    A happy and peaceful time as well as a good start into the New Year 2022!

    Dr. Daniela Schilling
    and the team of
    Delta Software Technology

  • 45 Years Delta ADS
    Delta ADS celebrates its 45th anniversary!

    "I am pleased that after almost 50 years, Delta ADS
    is still being used successfully for the development
    and migration of large and complex applications."

    says Dr. Reinhold Thurner, the "father of Delta ADS".

    We have summarized for you how Delta ADS has evolved over the past 45 years, why it has been and still is so successfull. Find out what advantages Delta ADS offers you for your future application development.

  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - 'Nicholas'-Release
    On 06.12.2021 we have released a new release of AMELIO Logic Discovery.

    The new query technology expands the KnowledgeBase perspective and provides you with exactly the modules that are relevant for your task. In addition to the ready-made queries, you can now easily define your own queries with the query builder.

    Do you want to (re)understand your applications, carry out a migration or modernization project? Or free your applications from technical debt?

    AMELIO Logic Discovery helps you and automatically provides you with all the information you need. Try it out...

  • SVA Mainframe Dayz 2021
    Delta Software Technology participated at the SVA Mainframe Dayz digITall with the presentation "Application modernization according to your wishes, parallel to ongoing operation". Dr. Daniela Schilling exemplified a large-scale mainframe project to show how you can safely and reliably carry out a complex modernization of your applications in parallel with ongoing operations.

    You could not attend?
    Here you can find the presentation slides and watch the recording:

  • The Best Environment for Your Application Development
    Innovating, implementing better solutions, finding errors faster, getting more value out of what you have: All this requires a working environment that supports you in your daily work and that you feel comfortable with.

    Do you or your teams develop applications with Delta ADS? In COBOL? In PL/I?

    We would like to know from you which development environment do you prefer?
    Which one do you use and which one would you like?

    Thank you for participating in our quick survey.