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You securely gain quality & time and save costs by using our 100% automated software modernization solutions.

Software tools and code generators for COBOL & PL/I from Delta Software Technology are successfully used in more than 750 installations. Around 10.000 professional developers are trained for the use of Delta Software tools. The Delta group provides solutions for Modernization, Migration, Analysis and Integration of legacy on the basis of up to 100% automated transformation. Leading organizations trust us for more than 45 years!

As part of the Delta group located in Zurich and as Delta distributor we support customers and realize projects in the Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


From January 2022, you will be supported directly by Delta Software Technology GmbH!



Our automated solutions help you regain application knowledge, improve the quality and flexibility of your applications, modernise legacy applications, replace technologies, change platforms, automate development, eliminate project risks and secure investments, and more...
Better Software Faster


Our tools help you to purposively analyse applications, to adapt them quickly and securely to new requirements and technical infrastructures, and to reliably assess risks.

Automatisieren auch Automate the #analysis, #development, #migration and #modernization of your applications.
Automate software development!


For more than 40 years, leading banks and insurance companies, postal and telecommunication providers, industrial companies, public administrations, software manufacturers and IT service providers have been increasing the quality and productivity of their software applications with our automated solutions.
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With our know-how and extensive experience, we help you to meet your requirements quickly and effectively and to successfully accomplish your projects cost-effectively and on time.
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News from the SAXOS & Delta World

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Newsletter December 2021

Almost 50 years ago, the computer scientist Dr. Reinhold Thurner presented the first ideas for the automation of application development using software generators. This resulted in one of the most successful tools for the generative development of COBOL and PL/I applications: Delta ADS. We're proud to be celebrating Delta ADS's 45th anniversary this year ...
Gothaer Systems

Database Migration with AMELIO

Gothaer Systems starts migrating its IMS databases. Moving away from IMS/DB to DB2, that is the goal.
LzLabs and Delta

LzLabs & Delta

LzLabs teams up with Delta to ensure seamless application maintenance & development on open systems
MicroFocus and Delta

MicroFocus & Delta

Insurance company assesses unified Micro Focus development environment with Delta Software
msg Relies on AMELIO Logic Discovery for Modernizing

msg Relies on AMELIO for Modernizing

The msg is convinced that AMELIO is a great help with modernization and offers support with the conversion.

Support News

December: We have released new versions of the following products:
  • ADS for COBOL
  • ADS on Eclipse
  • ADS on Micro Focus EDz
  • Generator Engine

RDW Removes Technical Debts

RDW has been able to take up the task of removing technical debt in a secure manner. Delta’s AMELIO Modernization Platform plays a key role in this endeavour.
Successful Assessment for Replacing VORELLE

Successful Assessment for Replacing VORELLE

The assessment for the replacement and consolidation of decision table generators has been completed successfully. Delta Software Technology assessed, for a large insurer, the possibility of an automated conversion from VORELLE to DETAB but also to Plain COBOL.

IBM IMS/DB? Modernization Now!

"If it wasn't for IMS DB, we would have re-platformed our applications already", many users judge. An automation of the migration will minimise efforts and guarantee success. AMELIO Modernization Platform can accomplish that this task for you.

Important Steps for the Sustainable Modernisation

We show you 3 steps that will help you modernise your applications securely and sustainably.